“To iPhone or not to iPhone”

21 08 2008

Although, in the past few days Apple has admitted that the mag safe adapter is unsafe.They also have come clean about the iPod nano generation one battery – Yes they do explode, WOW it took a genius to figure that out! Not to mention the inexcusable launch of Mobile Me which was and still is a total disaster. Not only did they market that this product was “push email” called it “exchange for the rest of us,” the software does not work to push email at all, rather with a 15 min delay, sounds a lot like pop email to me. This might have been overlooked and downplayed but due to the fact that the service was a total flop with downtime, lost emails and all sorts of bugs, Apple got what they deserved. Almost everyone covered the crappy service that they launched.

Even TechCrunch’s Micheal Arrington posted his rant against the Apple Corporation. TechCrunch is known for being pro Apple and even they have had enough. Then you hear stories like Apple is setting the new standards in customer service and satisfaction which makes you wonder are they really trying to improve or is their PR machine at work.

Back on topic- I am now considering the HTC Dream with Android which is a whole post in itself and maybe the recently released Treo Pro. I would like to stay away from Windows Mobile which is what I’m stuck with now on my BlackJack. The iPhone has really revolutionized the smartphone market but they are missing the boat with missing basic functionality like cut and paste, where again their arrogance is shown by the user base strongly requesting it and the company responding with “it is not on the top of their to do list”. So people like Zac White need to make the simplest apps to help us out- Check out the video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Cut and Paste for iPhone on Vimeo”, posted with vodpod

Have a good one,

Check out Payoneer at TechCrunch50




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