Google’s Done it Again

3 09 2008

After playing with Google’s new browser, Chrome, I can safely say that Google has done it again. They have managed to maintain their “we make products that work” reputation. Chrome is faster than IE, Firefox, and Safari. My initial disappointment due to the lack of a compatible Google Toolbar, has now been corrected. Google designed the browser so that you do not need any add-ons, you can simply type your search words in the browser’s address bar and you are automatically directed to the search results, as if you had searched at

All in all, Chrome offers a very nice and smooth experience with an easy-to-use interface. After Google released their Lively service last month, that was, in my opinion, unusable, I got a little worried that Google was headed in Microsoft’s direction, i.e getting too big to make really good products. It seems now, that they are in fact headed in Apple’s direction, which is where all companies should be headed.


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6 responses

3 09 2008

But Walt Mossberg disagrees, no?

4 09 2008

Who made Mossberg Gd? I also can grow a goatee.

4 09 2008

It’s all about the goatee.

4 09 2008

Hey, I can grow a goatee too, if only my wife would let! Anyway, I do not agree with myself either. After using it a little more, I see that it is full of bugs or as Walt (yes, we are on a first name basis, we are email buddies) put it, “rough around the edges”.

4 09 2008

So repost and apologize!

4 09 2008

Just watched Mossberg, he praised the innovation but said it needs work… Overall its good browser. I think he might be Santa.

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