Genius – Not So Smart

11 09 2008

Apple’s main theme in this past event was music. They launched a new service called Genius, in which with the click of a button you get recommendations to similar songs, and the iPod or iTunes automatically populates a playlist inside your own music collection. The request goes to some fancy algorithm cloud, and it is supposed to all be anonymous. What they don’t tell you is that you need to open an iTunes account in order to use the service. In order to open an iTunes account, you need to provide a US billing address and credit card number.

It’s just so backwards that they claim that Genius is anonymous, but they still need our private details. Ok so they don’t gather info on our song preferences, but rather all the private information that they can easily get from the credit card companies. Bad concept and dumb feature. I’m not going to use Genius.


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2 responses

11 09 2008

You don’t need to provide us billing at all, you do need an itunes account. So anywhere that you can use the itms, you can use genius.

11 09 2008

When I went to try to activate Genius they required me to enter a credit card and a billing address. These were required fields to activate the iTunes account.

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