Microsoft: Time To Do a Little Rethinking

11 09 2008

Microsoft has to start rethinking its policies on the Zune line . It is a bad sign when a company designs a product according to what its competitors are doing or not doing. Let me explain.

The Zune has no real appeal as an MP3 player, the iPods are superior in every way. So what has Microsoft decided to do about this? They are looking at what iPods are lacking and adding those features into the Zune. In theory, this would not be a bad idea, it ends up being good for the consumer because Microsot will “outdo” Apple with the addition of a radio or wireless syncing, and Apple will be forced to enhance their product to compete with the Zune.

Just one problem with that theory. Nobody in Apple pays attention to what Microsoft is doing with their Zune line. Why should they? The iPod has a 73.4% market share and the Zune is behind Sandisk with a 2.6% market share.

If Microsoft wants to make a difference in the personal media player market, they are going to have to do something differently. Maybe a little thinking out of the box. Then again, if Microsot thought out of the box, they would not be Microsoft.

– Hillel

The New Zune, Not a Bad Looking Machine

The New Zune, Not a Bad Looking Machine

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