First Generation iPhone Sales on the Rise

14 09 2008

In a surprising twist of events, first generation iPhone sales have been on the rise ever since the new iPhone 3G was announced. Even with its major flaws, such as the painful EDGE, awkward headphones jack, and others, which make it inferior to the new iPhone in many ways, people are buying second hand, first generation iPhones, and lots of them.

How do you explain this? Well, there can be a lot of explanations for this phenomenon. Engadget claims it is the fact that the first generation iPhone is easily cracked, which enables you to insert your non-AT&T sim card into the phone. Another contributing factor is the lack of a commitment to AT&T. I agree that both of these factors are making the original iPhone more attractive to consumers. However, with all the advantages that new iPhone offers, neither of these explanations would make ME get an old iPhone. So what is really pushing people to go out and buy the original iPhone?

To answer this question, we need to examine what made the iPhone so appealing to begin with. I have written on many occasions that even with the iPhone’s good looks and revolutionary touch interface, what really did it for me, is the fact that the iPhone simply works. With phones on the market like the N95 and N96, or the Omnia, what people loved about the iPhone is that it really worked, and well. It was easy and fun to use and actually did what it was supposed to do.

When the new iPhone was announced, people were really excited by all the enhancements, and just took it for granted that it would work as well as the first generation did. However, they soon found out that they were wrong. The new iPhone was buggy, very buggy. People complained about dropped calls and crashes, amongst many other things. This is something that was not present in the first generation.

In my opinion, people are more interested in a phone that actually works and responds fast, rather than one that has all the functions in the world, but none of them work like they should. This is what people complained about with Windows Mobile 5 and older version of Symbian as well. I am under the impression that both Windows Mobile and Symbian have improved their operating systems, but Apple, on the other hand, moved in the wrong direction.

Well, Apple recently released a new firmware update that is said to fix most of the bugs, I guess only time will tell.


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