Israel Apple Store Does Not Disappoint

22 09 2008

As I posted yesterday, the first Apple store launched last night in Ramat Aviv, Israel. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the opening, but after checking out their online store, I can safely say that Apple has done it again.

My two concerns about the store were that it would not offer current products, I thought they would have last generation iPods and Macs, and that the prices would be insanely high, like most other imported products in Israel.

Well, it seems I was wrong on both counts. The new store offers the new generation iPods, including the accelerometer Nano and the just announced iPod touch. As for the prices, they could be better, but they are, in my opinion, pretty reasonable.

The new Nano (16GB) that goes for $200 in the U.S, is being sold here for 1000 Shekel. Now, with the current dollar (the dollar fluctuates around 1 dollar=3.5 Shekel), that is a lot, but I think after saving the headache of getting it shipped overseas, and taxes, and most importantly, getting Apple service in Israel, the price really is pretty decent. The new Touch (32GB) is selling for 2,150 Shekel (it is sold for $400 in the U.S), also not so bad.

However, the Macbooks and the iMac are a totally different story.  The top of the line iMac, which sells for $2200 (translated to around 8,000 Shekel) in the U.S, is being sold here for 11,700 Shekel. A little ridiculous if you ask me.

All in all, I will most definitely be buying my next iPod there, and of course, we are all waiting till Apple decides to sell their iPhones in Israel.


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7 responses

22 09 2008

The deciding factor with the store is going to be the service that they provide. In the states the Genius Bar does an OK job. But it is going to be interesting to see the support you can get here which is one of the major issues of owning a Mac in Israel.

22 09 2008

So………. Aner (my husband) is a Genius (or a Guru-the name they give them here) If you guys have any issues, I’ll hook you up. also The IPhones are coming out sooner than later here!!!! I am so damn excited for that. The store looks good too, they are trained to give normal good support unlike your typical dysfunctional Israeli customers services. Good luck to them…..

22 09 2008

Wow Ines cool. Interesting tip on the iPhones in Israel. 😉

5 10 2008
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8 02 2009

looking computer mac in hebrew thank you.avi (london)

8 02 2009

sorry ,forgot no” 0044 208 5504609.avi(london)

8 02 2009

I am not sure what you are asking. Also, can you tell me how you found this article?

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