Mobile Battle

25 09 2008

The mobile world has come a really long way in an extremely short period of time. With new innovative handsets being released every day, and features such as 3G, WiFi, and 5 mp cameras becoming standard, the question is, what phone, in the current market, is the real king?

I am going to list a few that really stand out in my head, feel free to vote in the comments:

Apple iPhone 3G: There is no doubt that the iPhone changed the mobile world more than any other single handset. Whether you are a fan of the iPhone or believe it to be mostly hype, you cannot deny the outstanding job Apple has done with its revolutionary interface. Yes, it lacks MMS capabilities and a video camera, but with that amazing screen and unprecedented user experience, does it really matter?

HTC Touch HD: I do not remember the last time I was this excited about a phone. The Touch HD is the only phone out there that might actually have a nicer screen (3.8 inches vs. the iPhone’s 3.5) than the iPhone. It definitely packs in more features with its 5mp camera and full multimedia capabilities, but it is yet to be seen, will the interface really compete with that of the iPhone or will it be another HTC Touch Diamond-like disaster?

Nokia N96: When it was announced, it was huge news, but will its dual slide design and 16GB memory compete with current phones out there? Not feeling it!

Samsung INNOV8: Now this is one sexy phone. I think one of the nicest phones on the market, but will the 8mp camera make it good enough to play with the big boys?

Samsung Omnia: I know I just wrote this about five lines up, but I do not remember the last time I was this excited about a phone.  I recently handled this phone, and I have to say, it is the nicest phone I have ever personally held in my hand. Instead of talking about what the Omnia has, why don’t I just ask, what does it NOT have?

I think that is enough selection for you to make your choice. I purposely left out the new Google phone i.e the HTC Dream or G1, because I do not feel, even with Android, that this phone is in the same league as the others. Its lack of Bluetooth options (no file transfer or stereo Bluetooth), 3.5mm headphones jack, and its older 3G just prevent it from being able to play in the major leagues. Knowing Google, I am sure their G2 will be a different story.

So, which one of the above handsets (or did I leave out a phone that is the real king? E71 perhaps? Maybe some boldness?), is the current king of the mobile world?


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26 09 2008
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