Samsung and LG Declare War on the iPhone and the Tube

28 09 2008

Today’s new handset announcements are a clear sign of how fast the cellular world is developing. Just yesterday (not literally) the N95 shocked us all with its 5mp camera, the first of its kind on a phone. Today, Samsung and LG showed us all that we have come a long way since those ancient days of the 5mp N95, not to mention the 2mp iPhone.

Samsung announced the M8800, which has some pretty crazy specs, such as an 8 mp camera, auto focus, face recognition with smile detection and blink detection, WDR (wide dynamic range), ASR (advanced shake reduction), GPS geotagging, ISO 1600, WVGA (720×480 pixels) and VGA (640 x 480 pixels) @30fps video recording. That is just the camera’s specs. The phone has built in GPS, an accelerometer, and a feature that I found to be pretty cool, integrated Shozu. Shozu can be set up to automatically upload any video or picture you take, to Facebook, MySpace, or any other social network or email account.

The M8800 sounds like a pretty cool phone, but as I always say, no such thing as a perfect phone. In my opinion, its two down sides are its relatively small display (I know it is 3.2 inches, but I cannot help but to compare it to the 3.8 inch HTC Touch HD’s screen), and its LACK OF Wifi. Why, Samsung, why?

The lack of WiFi is going to be its downfall, and that is where LG comes in the picture. They announced the KC910 Renoir. Also an 8mp monster, with all the other features that the M8800 has, plus Wifi. So why is the Renoir not the perfect phone? Only a 3 inch screen! That is just too small for me.

Both these handsets, with their imperfections, are really groundbreaking phones. Who could have imagined just 3 years ago, that using your phone, you would be able to take a photo with enough megapixels to hang as a billboard on a highway or bridge?

Check out Samsung’s ad for the M8800 below.


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