The New MacBooks

16 10 2008

To shake things up a bit, Hillel posted about Apple’s marketing, and I am posting about their technology.

Yesterday Apple announced their new line of laptop computers. I’m going to make this short.

The major aspects of the new computers are:

  1. The new LED display: A very nice and bright display with no start-up time.
  2. The design: I don’t see an added benefit of having a body made of one piece of aluminum. OK it’s a little thinner and it looks hot. The computer is also lighter. OK, maybe there are some advantages.
  3. The hardware: Not much has changed, which is a big disappointment, except of course the graphics card, which will make some people happy.
  4. The enhanced mouse pad: Deletion of the mouse button and the glass touch pad with added gestures is a  nice, interesting addition. Let’s see how the market takes it.

2 things that interested me in the Keynote:

1. Their time spent on describing the environmental features and how the new notebooks contain none of that bad stuff. I guess Apple really does care!

2. It is the first time ever that they have kept an old item in inventory once releasing a new one. You can still buy the plastic MacBook for $999. Very interesting change in the Apple Marketing Machine.


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