The Motorola Aura Costs How Much?

27 10 2008

Motorola seems to be attempting to get back in the game, but just like last time, they are doing it all wrong. Motorola released the new Motorola Aura (at least last time, they had a pretty cool name, I mean, Aura?) handset, I think you should sit down for this.

Before I tell you what is so special about this phone, let me tell you what is not. The specs! The phone is 18 mm thick (just for reference, the original Razr was 14mm), it does not have 3G or Wifi, and the camera is a boring 2 megapixels.

So then someone please tell me why the heck this phone costs, (are you sitting down?), a whopping (I’m telling you, you’re gonna want to sit down for this one) $2000?  OK so it is supposed to be one of those stylish looking phones, I get it, but at least the  Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte has 3G and a decent 3.2 megapixel camera.

Well, at least they did a good job with the design, right? Wrong! This phone is, in my opinion, one of the ugliest phones I have ever seen. Is it just me? Even in the below video, in which they are attempting to show off the beauty of the phone (I think that’s what they are doing, I need to brush up on my Russian), opening and closing the phone seems painfully difficult.

I don’t know about you, but Motorola making $2,000 phones when they have not made a good $50 phone in months, just does not sit well with me. Someone needs to talk some sense into whoever is making the decisions over there in the Motorola house, otherwise, at this rate, when I buy my son his first cellphone (he is now 4, I figure he has a few more months), he will never have heard of Motorola.

In Motorola’s defense, they have not given up. I have to admit that with phones like this, this, and this, I would’ve given up long ago.


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5 responses

27 10 2008

One of the ugliest phones ever! They are bringing back a design that failed back in 2001 I believe. This is why no one thinks of motorola anymore.

27 10 2008
27 10 2008
Mitch Schneider

The rise of the dead (Motorola) cell phone

30 10 2008

Thanks for that shocker, I needed something to wake me up this morning.

2,000 USD?! Thats way out of hand. Just like the above poster, this phone looks ridiculous, after watching the video I couldn’t see how this phone would be very functional at all.

Although the screen may have some impressive effects the text looks too small to read properly, from what I saw in the video.

For the price range you’d think you’d at least get something tastey(sp?), some gadget or some sort.

Oh well, looking to you for the final update ~_0

2 11 2008
Hitech is in Trouble « Tech N’ Marketing

[…] Motorola just announced that they are going to be laying off a whopping 3,000 employees, two thirds of which are from the handset department. I cannot say I am suprised when they are wasting their time and energy designing phones like the Aura. […]

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