Hi-Tech is in Trouble

2 11 2008

Motorola just announced that they are going to be laying off a whopping 3,000 employees, two thirds of which are from the handset department. I cannot say I am surprised when they are wasting their time and energy designing phones like the Aura.

The thing is, Motorola is not the only Hi-Tech company that is in the process of layoffs, not even close. The entire industry is going through a major crisis, in fact it is so bad, CNET has a dynamic chart of all the Hi-Tech companies that have laid off employees including the exact numbers. Check it out here.

The companies that have recently laid off employees include Aliph (does that mean the Jawbone is going to get a price reduction or the opposite?), Symantec, Xerox, Yahoo (do I really need to link to Yahoo.com?), and one company that has affected your favorite blogger, yours truly, Comverse. The list goes on.

In trying to shine some light on the very dark situation, I will say, let’s just hope this crisis forces companies to improve their products or lower their prices, after all, with or without a paycheck, I still need to buy new cellphones, don’t I?


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3 responses

3 11 2008
Mitch Schneider


SICK SICK PHONE! ! ! ! I am going to sell my iphone so I can get this

3 11 2008

Not a bad phone, but as I explained here: http://technmarketing.com/2008/10/08/a-storm-is-brewing/
WiFI is missing!

7 11 2008
Apple Passes RIM and Approaches Nokia in Smartphone Market « Tech N’ Marketing

[…] like the economic situation did not affect the cellular world as hard as it did other sectors. The smartphone market is booming and we have Apple to thank for […]

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