Apple Does it Again

6 11 2008


Apple released a few new videos recently that, as usual, captured my attention. The first one is an explanation or demonstration of the new Macbook’s multi-touch trackpad, while the other is just another genius iPhone commercial.

When it comes to the new trackpad, I would have to play around with it to determine whether it is absolutely genius or just some more shtick, that when it comes down to using, is too difficult for the average user. Maybe I will go down to the new Israeli Apple store and get the answer to that question. Either way, the video is well done and fun to watch.


As for the commercial, I don’t know how they do it, but I have yet to see an Apple commercial that I was not extremely impressed with (as opposed to some other company’s ad campaigns that I have now watched 30-40 times and still do not understand). There is nothing unbelievable about it, they did not spend 30 million on it, and there are no famous actors in it. It is simple, straight forward, and just a very good ad.


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