iPhones/iPod Touches Keep you Busy

16 11 2008


I know I have not posted in a few days, but there is a totally logical explanation for that and it is not laziness. My wife bought me a 32GB 2nd generation iPod Touch for my birthday, and I have not been able to put it down since. The Apple integration with the app store is like nothing else, and with all my excitement about various Windows Mobile phones, there is no question in my mind that my next cellular handset will be a phone manufactured by Apple inc.

In addition to the amazing app store and its simple integration, the entire Apple interface for the iPod Touch is seriously unbelievable. I have used Windows Mobile and Symbian devices before (hopefully soon to use Google devices too) and not only do these operating systems not compare to that of Apple’s, we are literally talking Apples and Oranges here. Did I confuse you just now with that expression? What I am trying to say here, and I guess we all know this already, is that Apple’s OS is leagues above its competition’s. Sorry Touch HD, sorry 5800, but the truth must be told. Apple did in the software world what the HD did in the hardware world, i.e kicked everyone else’s butt!

I have been spending a lot of time in the app store downloading totally useless and truly entertaining apps, so if you have any recomendations for me, post em in the comments. One app that sticks out is Firemail, which enables you to send emails using a landscape keyboard, very useful and well done.


The input method on the iPhone and iPod is not perfect, I make a few mistakes while typing, but with Apple’s correction software, it is pretty darn close to perfect. I know there are endless posts on the Web on this topic, but for what it’s worth, I need to say that in my opinion, the screen on the iPod Touch is freakin amazing. What else can I say? Until you have held one of these things in your hand, you cannot understand how unbelievably thin it is, not to mention how solid and beautilfully designed the Touch is.

There is one problem I can think of. I need to find a good enough case that will protect my baby on one hand, while not ruining the looks with some bulky ugly looking plastic on the other. Ideas?

Bottom line? I love my iPod Touch and I LOVE my wife!


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One response

16 11 2008
Eli Ungar

Hey man, welcome aboard! Here are some of my favorite apps:

1) Facebook-Very well implemented. I like it better than being on FB through a browser.

2) Shazam-You gotta try it to believe it. You hold it up while a song is playing and it tells you what song it is (you need a mic for this-I’m guessing you can still make it work on the 2nd gen Touch with the accessory headphone/mic)

3) Movies-Great App for theatre times and DVD release dates

4) Mobile News-The AP’s really well-designed news reader

5) iProRecorder-Awesome app that turns your device into an audio recorder (requires the mic, but will become even more useful when Apple enables the Line In connector in the next update).

6) The Grey Market Apps (not jailbroken):
a) Netshare-Unavailable now, but I nabbed it while it was still on the
app store. Turns the iPhone into a tethered 3G modem
b) Podcaster-Totally outlawed Allows direct downloads/streaming of
podcasts (this functionality is supposedly going to be built in to the
iPod app in the next firmware update)

7) HoldEm-Very cool Poker game written by Apple

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