Steve Jobs Vs. Tech N’ Marketing

9 12 2008

Hi All,

A few days ago Hillel posted about the new Apple headphones, and we got many people responding to his blog post. One of the responses was a post by a gentleman named Brian. Here is his comment:

Author : Brian (IP: **********)
E-mail : ************
URL    :
Whois  : ********
Sorry, this is complete FUD.  Just as Roger noted above, check out the various other in-ear buds out there and you’ll find they are all above $79. Anything less than that is in another class of quality.

Why are you blaming Apple for this?  I guess the secret is out. Apple is working with vendors to price fix all ear bud systems, oh wait, they weren’t the first out with these….

Please, remove the bullseye from Apple and let’s get some real facts in here before you spread more FUD.


I am going to leave all comments regarding the content of the post aside and focus on who is posting. I believe the person who posted this comment is a representative of the Apple corporation. If you look at the IP address, it tracks back to Apple Inc.  If this is so, I am very disappointed with Brian’s unwillingness to tell us who he represents. It is truly unacceptable for Apple to be doing this.

Using tactics of Guerrilla marketing are often times necessary, but it needs to be done correctly:

Brian had some very big beginner’s mistakes:

1. Mask your freakin IP address! Come on everyone know that WordPress tracks your IP.

2. Don’t use terminology that only people from the industry use, like FUD .  The Average Joe has no idea what FUD means.

3. Only use Guerrilla marketing when necessary – we are just some guys writing a blog about interesting stuff we come across and we write how we feel about it. DUDE, we are not your make it or break it point. Thanks for taking interest in us but look elsewhere.

I hope you own up to your comment and provide an explanation. Again, this is not about the content of the blog post or the comment (which is quite nasty) but rather about Brian and who he represents.


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7 responses

10 12 2008

A fine point, however just because someone responds from Apple does not mean their views represent apple. If the person in question is part of that team, especially if they are in marketing, then you are spot on.

However if that person is some generic worker, lets say a an engineer who works on firmware drivers, then his comment is just really on peer of any other apple fan or stock holder ( as if earphone effect stock ).

10 12 2008

True and I have no problem with any Apple employee posting whatever they want but they need to identify themself as an employee. You just can’t leave nasty comments from your work computer I am sure it’s against Apple’s rules. As a employee of a company using a company IP you represent that company.

10 12 2008

Is the IP address for the server or the user’s computer? If it’s the server (and he has a dot-Mac account) he could be writing from anywhere, not necessarily an Apple employee but just someone with a dot-Mac account.

But… even if he is an Apple employee, his points are still valid. The new in-ear headphones have been receiving excellent reviews (e.g.;txt) and are a great value for the money.

Unfortunately, you chose to avoid acknowledging the facts by side-tracking the discussion into the area of questioning the writer’s validity.

It’s sometimes a difficult step to admit when you are wrong about something, but when you are wrong and admit it others will respect you for it.

11 12 2008

Hi Harvey,

The IP address was from the posting computer and it has noting to do with the email address. I did not want to show the real IP address but I certainly can verify it. We really don’t care about the content of the post because I am sure that Hillel (the author) would agree that some of the facts could be debated, that is not the point.
All that I am saying that Apple might have gone very far out of there way to try and shut down guys writing about their earphones in a very nasty, dishonest way and without owning up to it. That is really low in my eyes.

11 12 2008

I have no Idea what “FUD” is.
it sounds like a cake

14 12 2008

He didn’t exactly try to hide the fact that he’s an apple employee… he logged in with his apple email! You should be happy that apple employees found your blog and posted on it

14 12 2008

I am very happy that Apple employees read our blog. WordPress records the external IP address of the person posting. It was not someone from Apple mail.

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