We have moved

17 12 2008

Hi Guys,

We are off WordPress.com and onto our own hosting- Check us out http://technmarketing.com  



We’re Moving

14 12 2008

Hi All,
We are moving from wordpress.com to our own hosting. We are sorry if the site is a bit buggy for the next few days. We will be back better then ever.

Steve Jobs Vs. Tech N’ Marketing

9 12 2008

Hi All,

A few days ago Hillel posted about the new Apple headphones, and we got many people responding to his blog post. One of the responses was a post by a gentleman named Brian. Here is his comment:

Author : Brian (IP: **********)
E-mail : ************@mac.com
URL    :
Whois  : ********
Sorry, this is complete FUD.  Just as Roger noted above, check out the various other in-ear buds out there and you’ll find they are all above $79. Anything less than that is in another class of quality.

Why are you blaming Apple for this?  I guess the secret is out. Apple is working with vendors to price fix all ear bud systems, oh wait, they weren’t the first out with these….

Please, remove the bullseye from Apple and let’s get some real facts in here before you spread more FUD.


I am going to leave all comments regarding the content of the post aside and focus on who is posting. I believe the person who posted this comment is a representative of the Apple corporation. If you look at the IP address, it tracks back to Apple Inc.  If this is so, I am very disappointed with Brian’s unwillingness to tell us who he represents. It is truly unacceptable for Apple to be doing this.

Using tactics of Guerrilla marketing are often times necessary, but it needs to be done correctly:

Brian had some very big beginner’s mistakes:

1. Mask your freakin IP address! Come on everyone know that WordPress tracks your IP.

2. Don’t use terminology that only people from the industry use, like FUD .  The Average Joe has no idea what FUD means.

3. Only use Guerrilla marketing when necessary – we are just some guys writing a blog about interesting stuff we come across and we write how we feel about it. DUDE, we are not your make it or break it point. Thanks for taking interest in us but look elsewhere.

I hope you own up to your comment and provide an explanation. Again, this is not about the content of the blog post or the comment (which is quite nasty) but rather about Brian and who he represents.


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Great Video

7 12 2008

Not sure who this guy is, but he is funny. Listen to his take on technology.


Ingenious Video Advertising

4 12 2008

To take a little break from the N97, the iPhone, and all its apps, I thought I would share one of the most brilliant video ads I have seen online in a very long time. Enjoy it!

By the way, is it just me or did YouTube add a search bar to the top of every video embedded on an external site? Nice touch.

Update: Apparently, it is not just me!


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The Simpsons Visit the Mapple Store

1 12 2008

I love the Simpsons and most of the things Apple does, but most of all I love a good parody.

HTC Touch HD: Surprisingly Amazing

30 11 2008

Even though Aryeh, along with some othe people, wheened me off the HTC Touch HD and any of its Windows Mobile brethren, I cannot let the fact that GSMArena just released a full review of the HD, go unmentioned. Whether you like Windows Mobile or despise it, there is no debate surrounding the superior and market dominating looks of the HTC Touch HD.


To sum up the review, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far. I think the only main disadvantage on the list that would prevent me from buying it, is the lack of flash for the camera and maybe the low quality video. Among the HD’s selling points are a 3.8″ display, which puts the iPhone’s screen to shame, Wifi, GPS, 5mp camera with auto-focus, TouchFlo 3D, accelerometer sensor for auto screen rotation and turn-to-mute calls (pretty cool feature), Office document editor, and many many others.

Some people are bothered by the lack of a physical camera shutter button, but I say they are nitpicking, and if that is all they can come up with, we got ourselves a pretty amazing mobile device on our hands.


GSMArena were extremely satisfied with the phone, and on occasion, even quite surprised at how well it performed. The camera beat the N82 and the OMNIA on photo quality, something it seems the reviewers did not expect. The HD beat the iPhone in many respects, among them copy/paste functionality, Java/Flash in the Web browser, and a MicroSD expansion slot, not to mention the 3.8″ display compared to the iPhone’s 3.5″.


The HD comes with some nice preinstalled goodies, like an RSS Reader and Streaming Media manager, as well as a great task manager, something I know the iPhone is missing. It also comes with an MP3 trimmer app to automatically convert your favorite MP3s to ringtones. It even comes with what seems to be a highly entertaining game called Teeter. Seems like it is very similar to Labyrinth on the iPhone, which I already said is up there with the most addictive things I have come accross.


In conclusion, GSMArena thinks the HD is going to change the way we look at cellphones. I am not sure I agree, I think the iPhone already made that change for us, but the HD is definitally going to raise the level for all future cellphone manufacturers. Watch the video below and tell me what you think (of the phone, not her accent).

HTC took care of the hardware and the TouchFlo part of the software, but if Microsoft really wants to get in the ring with Apple, they are going to have work on an app store of their own that will compete with Apple’s. For me, the lack of applications and software solutions for Windows Mobile devices, is what has me leaning toward the Java-less iPhone, even if I cannot copy and paste with it. Oh yea, and the HD’S $900 price tag.


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